Kindness Costs Nothing

But it can change somebody's life.

I have supported a young woman for a year and a half and in that time, she become a mother. However, since giving birth she has been experiencing some intense mental health issues.

She chatted to me often about how she was feeling overwhelmed and stressed. She found it hard to control her anger at times. We talked about triggers, taking time out and self-care. I also encouraged her to visit her GP for a check-up.

With much reluctance she visited the GP, who suggested trying some medication to stabilize her moods.

I caught up with her a few weeks later and asked her how things were going, she responded by saying, “The medication is working completely, I sleep better and have more patience with my baby. I am the happiest I have ever been - THANK YOU !”.

A little kindness and encouragement to take care of yourself can be life changing for you and those you live with.  FWD Coach                                                  __________________________________________________________

We are very grateful to Whangaparaoa McDonalds for their amazing support for the work we, Coast Youth Community Trust do here on the Hibiscus Coast. It is because of local business owners like PJ and Pooja Goel who understand the challenges our youth face everyday and who want to ensure services are available to those who need it most, that we have the resources to do what we do.   We sincerely thank you! If you are a local business owner or know of a local business who would like to support Coast Youth Community Trust    make a difference to our local youth please contact us, we would love to talk to you!                                              Office Phone :  09 972 5759       Mobile 022 657 3288         Email

24-7 Youth Work Program: Be Peer Smart - Bouncing Back 24-7 Youth Work program called Peer Smart was run mid May and June 2018, at Whangaparaoa College. Peer Smart is aimed at school years 7-9, but applies to all ages.  This interaction aims to equip student with positive life skills and helps young people engage with others of their own age whilst developing lasting friendships. This week the Peer Smart program concentrated on the topic of bouncing back from hard situations in life.  The results we are starting to see are very worthwhile !  This topic can apply to all ages, here is a brief look at what this course covers.

Everyone has times in their life when it seems like things suck, you may feel like your teachers are picking on you, that guy in your class is being real stink, or you may have had a fight with a friend or family member that you care about. These kinds of situations are universal and it is how you respond to them that determines whether they end up with a positive or negative outcome.

Question 1 :  What recent situation sucked for you?

Question 2 : What did you do to deal with it?   How did you respond?

Question 3 : What was the outcome?   Was it positive or negative?

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