Rite Journey

A few times each year we have the opportunity to run a course with young guys aged 14-17 around what it is to be a ‘good strong man’.    

We focus on values such as honesty, integrity, healthy relationships, how to deal with failure and much more. We are into course 1 this year and the group is amazing! It is so impacting to see a bunch of young men that are so often written off by society,  engaging and being vulnerable about their struggles and facing the things in their lives that have caused them pain. We have 9 young men engaging on this course this term and we are already seeing significant growth in these young men. What a pleasure to be part of!    .........Josh Sanford and Samuel Bernard


At the end of 2017, I was asked to start working with a young woman who struggled with belonging, self harmed, had attempted suicide and began her prescription of anti-depressants.  Since my first meeting with this young woman, she has attempted suicide twice and began taking the highest possible dosage of anti-depressants that was available to her.  It was a Very distressing time for her, her family and her friends.     In the past few weeks of seeing her, her doctors have begun decreasing her dosage and she is determined to improve her health and well-being partly by changing the people she spends time with and developing a greater understanding of her response mechanisms.  Among the many professionals she sees, she has told me that she is very grateful for the personal connection her and I have together.   Just to be able to talk to someone who listens without  judging and criticizing is so good she said.  This has made it very worthwhile for me.    I know I am making a difference to this one !

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