CYC Trail blazing in the community

Click here to read the Hibiscus Matters August 15 Edition - Page 18 and 19

Great article written by our very own Josh Sanford. Such a great article highlighting the significant relationship we have with Whangaparaoa College. As a core part of our work in Whangaparaoa college, we run various programs aiming to build resilience in young people as well as equipping them with healthy life skills. One of those programs is ‘Rite Journey’. A program for young men journeying into ‘manhood’. We have run this program for many years with seniors and it has been a huge success. One of the success stories is a young man who we started working with 18months ago who was in all sorts of disciplinary trouble with school, under-achieving and on a fast path out of school. This young man engaged in mentoring with our youth workers, attended Rite Journey and just this last week, became our first ‘senior mentor’ to assist on our Rite Journey program for the juniors at Whangaparaoa college. To see the turn around in this young mans life is inspiring for many and to see him now giving back to his school community through mentoring and being a strong role has been so heart warming.See our Facebook page for more pictures of our ‘initiation event’ for the junior Rite Journey course. The initiation is aimed to take young people out of their comfort zones and push them to their limits in a group setting. Bungy jumping was a great picture of what we are asking these young men to do on an emotional level – to jump off the platform of comfort and to jump into the unknown of being vulnerable and real with others, to engage in a self awareness journey.

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