We are excited to announce that Kayana Barton has joined Youth Service as girls youth coach.   Isaac Madsen and Kayana Barton :  WHAT AN AWESOME TEAM !! 

..... from Kayana: 

For this past year I have been working with the senior girls at Whangaparaoa College and am loving every minute of it.  Recently, I was offered the opportunity to work as a NEET's youth worker alongside Isaac   (NEET  : 16 to 18 year olds who are  Not in Education, Employment or Training).  I thought what an amazing opportunity to further support the female students I currently work with and also to create new connections with students who need supporting.  I'm currently in my first week of this position and feel nervous about starting but also excited for what is to come, which seems pretty normal for any new job or role.  My first training day at Springboard calmed a lot of my nerves and left me encouraged to trust the whole process.  The people I have made new connections with has been the best part of this role so far!  It is such a privilege working for CYC Trust and I feel so honoured stepping into this position.

......from Isaac:

The last few months at CYC Trust as the Youth Service Manager has been a great pleasure.  I have enjoyed connecting in with the youth in and out of school and assisting then to achieve their goals, like passing their learners licence.   There are many challenges facing young people and it is a privilege to journey with them and help them in their space.   It is great having Kayana working alongside me as the girls youth coach,  she is already doing a great job connecting and bonding with the youth and together we will  achieve M O R E!!!

6 SEPTEMBER 2018 , A VERY MEMORABLE DAY FOR THE CYC TEAM AT TE HERENGA WAKA o OREWA  FOR A MAORI CULTURAL EXPERIENCE What a wonderful day we had experiencing the Maori culture, we would recommend it to anyone / any team. We each brought a personal "koha"- gift for the Marae.    Our "Waiata" - song   was :    Whakaaria mai                     Show                                                Tou ripeka ki au                    your cross to me.                                                Tiaho mai                              Let it shine                                                Ra roto i te po                       there in the darkness                                                Hei kona au                          To there I                                                Titiro atu ai.                           will be looking.                                                Ora, mate                              In life, in death,                                                Hei au koe no ho ai               Let me rest in thee.

We came away feeling honored and very mindful of NZ's wonderful heritage.



We will be selling fireworks at the Silverdale Rotary Club  from the 2nd to the 5th November 2018.  If you are keen to volunteer for this event please send us an email at,  or call us on 09 972 5759.   This is one of our most important annual fundraising events and it is heaps of FUN ! ! ! 

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