Photo: Isaac Madsen, Youth Service Team leader with Olivia Huszak

We are excited to introduce Olivia Huszak as our girls Youth Service worker. Olivia joined us on the 4th of February 2019, and we are grateful to have someone of her caliber and with her experience on our team.   Olivia  has many years youth work experience in various capacities at various organisations.  She is married and has twins so her life is always moving at full speed.   

Youth Service focuses on 16 to 18 year old who are not in education, training or work. Our Youth Service workers give guidance, support and encouragement to help young people  find the education, training or work-based learning that works best for them.   The ultimate aim is to help young people set achievable goals and make good decisions for their future.  This can only happen if young people have an open and honest relationship with their Youth Worker, so it is all about relationship and trust.   It is important for young people to understand that making the right decisions now about their future can help them get further, faster as the more skills one has, the more choice one has when looking for a job.  The better the job the better the future.

The kinds of things Youth Service Workers help youth with are: *  Talk about where they are now and where they want to be *  Figure out what might be stopping them succeeding at school, training or in    work-based learning *  Sort out the steps they need to take to get into education, training or     work-based learning *  Put together an action plan that will help them reach their goals *  Help them get back to school or apply for training courses *  Support them in school and training *  Check their progress *  Help them stay on track *  Update their plans when things change *  Be their coach or 'go-to-person'

Currently there are 48 young people our Youth Service team are working with of which 13  have been identified as 'high risk'.   The need in our community is great.  If you would like to financially support our Youth Service work, please contact us at or phone 022 657 3288.    Your financial assistance is very much needed  in this area and will be greatly appreciated.

FWD classes started last week and we currently have 11 students enrolled for 2019, another year of hard work and opportunity has begun.  It is still early days but we have already had such amazing feedback as after two days at FWD a mum of one of the young people emailed me saying.....

“She is really enjoying the course so far and has even rekindled some friendships. In fact I think they are off to the beach this afternoon which is amazing as my daughter has barely been out of the house without a family member or her boyfriend for almost 2 years.”

Such good news!   This is why I love my job  -  Kylah Meafua: Tutor

PHOTO:  FWD Tutors 2019  Kylah Meafua and INTRODUCING JODIE LEQETA who joined the team this year as a part-time FWD Tutor.    Jodie has many years teaching experience.   She has three daughters who keep her on her toes as well as running an on-line business.  We are excited about  entrepreneurial talent she brings to the team.

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