Youth Service : From Despair to Hope!

Recently I had the privilege of “talking a young man down off the edge”. He had gone through what could only be described as the week from the big black hole. Over the course of 7 days, he had lost his job, been diagnosed with a hernia, which meant he needed surgery, been told he needed to move out of his residence, crashed his car and was dumped by his girlfriend. 

He had lost his hope.

Keep in mind this young fella does not do drugs or drink alcohol, so none of it was related to stupidity when under the influence. He decided he needed to say goodbye to me before he went and did "the deed". Luckily (thank the Lord), I was able to decipher his goodbye message pretty quickly when he called, and kept him talking whilst quietly freaking out and praying for wisdom from God. He eventually agreed to meet me for coffee the next day to talk things out and promised he would not do anything dumb before that point. We spent around 3 hours discussing his week from hell, and then game planning as to how he could get back to, if not in a better spot than he was in before that week.

I am proud to say this young fella picked himself up, dusted off his shoulders and now has a job, a new car, an awesome flat and has surgery booked for next month. In his words “I can actually see a future for myself now, not just blackness, not just the abyss”. Our youth workers spreading their magic at Whangaparaoa College

Sam with the young men from Whangaparaoa College.

Kayana with lovely young ladies from Whangaparaoa College

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